Addressing Systemic Racism

Written by Jerome Singletary, YNPN Greater Bflo Co-Chair

We are deeply saddened by events that have taken place over the last several months, including the death of George Floyd. Unfortunately, this is just one of many recent incidents of racism and police brutality committed against African Americans in the United States. Racism towards African Americans and other persons of color is a systemic problem that has plagued our country from its founding. Naturally, this negatively impacts our ability to build a diverse and inclusive community. Simply put, the future of the nonprofit sector and our country does not exist unless Black Lives Matter.

YNPN Greater Bflo will continue to be intentional about addressing the systemic racism, prejudices, and privileges that plague our community. We are committed to serving as an inclusive resource and building a nonprofit sector that welcomes, listens, includes, and is led by people of all backgrounds and identities.

We do not have all the answers, but we encourage everyone to join us in taking steps to make a change. Below are resources and actions to help combat racism and push our community to become one that is more inclusive.


Have nonprofit and philanthropy become the “white moderate” that Dr. King warned us about?

How White People Conquered the Non-Profit Industry

Black Trauma And Showing Up At Work

White America Betrayed Me 

Dismantling White Supremacy in Nonprofits: A Starting Point from YNPN Twin Cities

YNPN’s Stance on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Support black businesses and local organizations doing racial equity work

African American Cultural Center

Black Love Resists in the Rust

Buffalo Urban League

Coalition for Economic Justice

Niagara Organizing Alliance for Hope 

Open Buffalo

PUSH Buffalo

VOICE Buffalo

Local Black Business List


Black Lives Matter

George Floyd Memorial Fund



Register and vote for candidates and policies committed to ending systemic racism

In Solidarity,
YNPN Greater Bflo 

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