Present-Day Professional Dress

Written by Lucy Connery, Executive Director of Healthy Communities 2030!, YNPN Greater Bflo Co-Director of Sponsorships & Partnerships

Being a young professional can be very exciting. Being a young professional amidst the pandemic can be both exciting and challenging because the workplace has changed. Something that changes with our work is our wardrobe; whether or not you work remotely, dress codes may be enforced.

Another layer of difficulty to wade through while exploring workplace professional dress may be gender expression. Our workplace has traditionally put non-binary and gender-neutral folks in restricted ‘boxes’ for dressing professionally. As our younger professional population grows and builds, we will be able to control our workplace ‘new normal’ – it is important that everyone feels comfortable in their workplace! As young professionals, we can advocate for workplace policies that support gender-neutral dress options.

For whatever you choose to wear, there are some general guidelines to follow:

  • Clothes should fit appropriately
  • Skirts need to be at least knee-length
  • Hair should be well-kept
  • Shoes should generally be close-toed

Another barrier to dressing appropriately at work may be financial investment – professional dress should be affordable! Places like H&M, Target, and even Wal-Mart have options for professional dress. Check out local businesses that offer professional dress affordably:

  • Clothes Mentor (consignment)
  • Kristen Uniforms/Scrubs
  • And more!

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