1. What does paid membership for YNPN Greater Bflo include?
    • Eligibility for board and ambassador positions
    • Free / discounted access to YNPN Greater Bflo programming
    • Members-only newsletter
    • Access to YNPN National and members of other local YNPN chapters throughout the United States
    • Access to members’ only programming
    • Discounts from partners
      1. St. Bonaventure tuition discount
    • Access to members-only Facebook group for event updates, first access to announcements, and other networking opportunities
    • Discount on ticket to annual Summit – Members will receive a discount in their ticket to annual Summit through early bird pricing guaranteed at any point in the year
  2. What does membership to YNPN Greater Bflo cost?
    • YNPN Membership costs $25.
  3. What are the cost-savings?
    • For programming offered during our 2018-2019 programming year (September 2018 – May 2019), members saved $35 on events with their $25 membership. 
  4. How do people become member of YNPN Greater Bflo?
    • You can register to become a paid member of YNPN Greater Bflo by completing our registration via Eventbrite here. Please note, there is a $3.75 fee for Eventbrite registration. If your organization would like to pay for your membership via check, please email ynpngreaterbflo@gmail.com.
  5. Do you have institutional, student or company pricing for large groups?
  6. What’s required to be a member of your chapter?
    • We ask our members to aid in the mission of YNPN Greater Bflo. The mission of YNPN Greater Buffalo is to strengthen the nonprofit community by serving as inclusive and innovative resource for networking and growth to empower young professionals. To must also pay dues.
  7. Do I have to work for a non-profit or be under a certain age to become a member of YNPN Greater Bflo?
    • You do not need to be under a certain age or work in the nonprofit sector. YNPN is inclusive of all backgrounds as we feel it diversifies our ability to serve our community and learn from others
  8. When does membership start and end?
    • For those interested in purchasing our yearly membership, the membership year will begin July 1 of each year, and will end on June 30 the following year. This will allow you to gain access to the benefits and discounts described above during our full programming year, which follows the same schedule. For our first year in rolling out this plan, we will have an open membership enrollment period beginning June 1 – September 1. By purchasing your yearly membership by September 1, you will gain full access to the year of programming and content we will have available for members.
  9. I want to join after the membership year has begun / the open enrollment period has ended. Can I still become a member?
    • Yes! We will be accepting members on a continual basis. Your membership will be active from the day you join until the end of that current membership / programming year (June 30). It will not be a full-year membership from the day you join to the following year on the same day. So the sooner you sign up, the more advantages you get access to!
  10. What if I don’t want to purchase a membership?
    • No problem! You can still attend our events and network within our organization. There will be fees for non-members to attend most of our events, and will be dependent on each specific event. Please note you will not have access to member-only programming or our members-only newsletter.
  11. How can I stay connected without a membership?
    • If you want to stay in the know about upcoming events, make sure you are signed up for our free newsletter by visiting our website here.
  12. I no longer wish to be a member.  Now what?
    • We cannot provide refunds for membership. Your member benefits will continue through the rest of that membership year. If you no longer to wish to be a member, please inform YNPN Greater Bflo and we can remove you from our member information.
  13. Can my membership be transferred to someone else if I no longer wish to be a member?
    • At this time, no.
  14. I am moving out of WNY.  what happens with my membership?
    • If you are moving to a city that has another YNPN chapter, we would be happy to assist in that transition. When you purchase a membership to YNPN Greater Bflo, it is specific to our chapter. We cannot guarantee that other cities will honor your membership payment, but will work with the specific chapters in the area you may be moving to assess.
    • If you are moving to a city that does not have another YNPN chapter, your membership will expire with YNPN Greater Bflo. We cannot provide refunds for your membership.
  15. I am changing employers/ sectors.  Can I still be a member?
    • YNPN is inclusive of all sectors and employers. If you purchase your own membership, there will be no effect. Just make sure to update your information with YNPN Greater Bflo. If your membership was paid for by your employer, they will not be able to transfer your membership to another employee.